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The lovely Loren of SPRINKLES AND CREAM CAKES has given us all access to her tried, tested and easy to use SWISS MERINGUE BUTTERCREAM. Completely free!
To see Loren's recipe in action , head over and check out her gorgeous cakes online:
Don't forget to tag @sprinklesandcreamcakes & @mintcakeandparty on Insta using Loren's recipe and we will re share!  


- 500ml liquid egg whites (sold in cartons in supermarket fridge department)
- 1kg caster sugar
- 1 tsp vanilla extract (not essence)
- 1kg unsalted butter (room temperature and cut into small cubes)


- Place egg whites and caster sugar in a glass bowl over a double boiler (saucepan of simmering water) making sure the bowl is not touching the water.
- Stir constantly with a whisk until the mixture becomes almost translucent and slightly thickens.
- TIP rub a little of the mixture between your finger tips. If it still feels grainy the sugar is not fully melted, keep stirring. If it feels silky and smooth you're ready to remove the bowl from the double boiler.
- Alternatively you can insert a sugar thermometer into the mixture, once it reaches 70 degrees it is hot enough for the sugar to be fully incorporated.
- Pour the mixture into the bowl of your stand mixer (hand mixer is not recommended for this recipe) with whisk attachment and beat on med-high.
- The meringue is ready when it is thick and glossy and holds a stiff peak, this takes approx 10-15mins.
- Be sure not to over do this step as the meringue can become quite warm if over mixed and cause your butter to melt.
- Once meringue is complete add in your vanilla extract and butter all at once 
- TIP the smaller your butter is cubed the faster it will incorporate 
- Mix on medium speed. The buttercream will look like it is splitting at this point JUST KEEP MIXING it will eventually come together and be a beautiful creamy texture.
- Now is the time to add your food colouring, add in 2-3 drops violet gel colour and mix. Then add 5-6 drops of white gel colouring. Mix until fully incorporated.
- Turn mixer to low and mix until the buttercream looks super smooth (this step eliminates any air bubbles in the buttercream)
- Your buttercream is now ready to use.


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