This is our go to simple syrup recipe, perfect to moisten up your cupcakes and cakes to take them to the next level. We usually add a layer to our chocolate cupcakes and in between cake layers to make sure they don't dry out. 

To add extra flavour to your cakes you can also add lemon, orange or liqueurs to your simple syrup. Make sure your flavouring is a little stronger than intended so the flavour comes through the cake.


1 cup granulated sugar 

1 cup water

Equal parts water and granulated sugar. We prefer to add just a slightly smaller amount of sugar than water.


 Add sugar and water to a small saucepan and boil on the stove until the sugar is completely dissolved.

It will start to bubble and you'll see all the sugar has dissolved.

If you leave in pan for too long the water will evaporate and mixture will cook too thick. Over the course of a day or so, the mixture will become a solid and can't be used as a syrup. If this happens, throw away and start again.

The whole process should only take a couple of minutes so don't leave it unattended. 

Store for a few weeks in a bottle or jug. 


Simple syrup is perfect for mud cakes as it helps them last longer and stay moist. 

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