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This recipe bakes firm and spread free. It’s incredibly easy to make, roll out & bake. It tastes like cookie dreams! And it lasts well.


If you haven’t found yourself a perfect sugar cookie recipe, then we recommend you give this one a go. It’s our fave for sure & we’ve had tons of happy customers say that too.


What you’ll need:


- Preferably a stand mixer to make your life a little easier, with the paddle attachment

- Plastic/Cling Wrap 

- Rolling pin 

- Cookie cutters you wish to use 

- Cookie/flat baking trays 

- Baking paper 

- Fondant smoother (optional)


INGREDIENTS (Makes app 80 medium size cookies)


- 500g good quality unsalted butter 

- 4 eggs 

- 3 cups of granulated white sugar 

- 2 teaspoons baking powder 

- 1 decent teaspoon salt 

- 2 tablespoons vanilla extract or essence 

- Apx 1.5kg good quality plain flour. It’s a good idea to have 2kgs on hand as you may need a little more.




It’s quite a simple recipe. All you’ll need to do to begin is cream your butter and sugar on a medium high speed for 3-5 minutes.


If using a hand mixer, make sure you scrape down every now and then. And it may take a little longer to achieve your pale yellow butter appearance.


Once it’s looking pale yellow, turn your stand mixer on the lowest speed and continue to mix while you add in all of your ingredients.


Start with the eggs all at once.


Followed by the baking powder, salt and vanilla.


Immediately add in your plain flour.


Start by pouring in about 1 whole kilo. Incorporate bit by bit until it’s all mixed in. At this point, a few factors will matter.


If you have a strong motor mixer like a kitchen aid, you can continue to add in flour until close to the end.


A less powerful mixer could get a little too clogged up and slow down, and you don’t want to ruin your mixer.


So basically, after that first kilo is incorporated, add in little by little more flour until you see your paddle attachment start too slow. The cookie dough should really start to firm and come together, rather than look wet.


Once your mixer has had enough, turn it off. Remove any excess cookie dough from your mixer attachment and place back into the bowl.


*IMPORTANT TIP* Almost always, there’s flour caught at the bottom of your bowl, hiding. It’s really important that you get a hand under there and incorporate that into your dough.


We like to wear a pair of gloves at this point.


Using your hands, start turning and flipping around your pile of dough inside your bowl. Before adding anymore flour, ensure you’ve mixed in any last bits of flour that are caught on the sides and bottom of bowl.


Continue to add flour little by little, mixing and flipping/scrapping the base continuously. Once you’re at 1.5kgs, break off a piece and feel the texture of the surface. I like to compare it to skin texture. Firm but still a slight squish.


What we find can make the recipe vary from one batch to the next, is the brand of flour (white wings seems to always require a little more) or even the weather. Warmer weather sometimes just makes the whole batch seem softer and we feel the need to add a little more.


The good thing about this dough is around that 1.5kg mark, it’s kind of up to you how you want your dough/cookies to turn out.


If you’re after a super firm and totally spread free cookie, keep adding a bit more flour until it’s basically a fairly firm dough (apx 1.75kgs).


We like our dough with that rough estimate of 1.5kgs. It still spreads very minimal, but you can achieve a much more perfect look by adding a bit more.


Your batter shouldn’t look or feel wet at all. Even if it feels a little soft, it will harden up very well in the fridge.


All you have to do now is wrap up your dough into smaller sections tightly in some cling wrap. We wrap ours into about 8 sections. Ensure you’ve flattened the dough a little before wrapping just by making a ball first then pressing down. This will make life quicker and easier when it’s time to bake.


Chill in the fridge for a minimum 3 hours, or overnight if you like. Dough will last in the fridge for up to 4 days. Plenty of our customers freeze their dough and take out as they need.


When you’re ready to bake, ensure you’ve taken your dough out around half an hour earlier to thaw a little (or more if you’ve frozen it).


For intricate shapes eg. Unicorns with horns or long skinny sections, it’s a good idea to make sure your dough is still quite cold so it’s much easier to remove each cookie from cutter.


Weather will be a factor here again. In summer we only need about 10 minutes for dough to be ready to bake. Winter you may need more than half an hour depending.


Line some cookie trays with baking paper. On seperate baking paper, roll out your dough to your desired thickness. A quarter of an inch is a good estimate.


Pre heat oven to 180 degrees (in a fan forced oven). Cut out your cookie shapes and bake for apx 8-10 minutes.


Everyones oven is different so just keep an eye on your first batch. We like to flip the tray back to front half way through to ensure even cookies and avoid burning any corners.


Bake till the edges start to brown.


For softer lighter colour cookies take out just at the start of browning edge stage.


We personally love ours to be that little bit more cooked! In fact I love these cookies slightly burnt! But anyways, take them out when you feel ready. A more browned edge and slightly brown middle will give a nice crisp but still melt in your mouth cookie.


As soon as you’ve removed them from the oven, safely smooth over the tops of your cookies for 10-20 seconds with a fondant smoother. This removes any air bubbles and gives you a nice and neat, flat foundation to work with.


Transfer to cooling rack once they have cooled slightly. And let sit for 20 minutes before packing. These cookies will last up to 3 weeks if packaged correctly from the beginning. Store in an airtight container or cookie jar to get maximum shelf life.


Just sitting in a cake or cookie box they will last up to 2 weeks.


We love love love to see results!


Please tag us on Instagram with your cookie creations using our recipe @mintcakeandparty Thank you again for your support.


Any related questions, please visit us in store or shoot an email to



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