We LOVE Macarons!

They are a beautiful sandwiched almond meringue cookie founded in Italy and made known to the world by the French. 

They have become an Aussie favourite for dessert tables, cake decorating or a weekend treat. We understand it can be difficult to find the perfect colour to suit your theme. Thats where we step in.

We can create almost any colour you can imagine whether it's pastels, plain white, painted metallics, or something bold or neutral. 

For any custom colour the minimum order is 10 per colour. However, we almost always have on hand, pastels, white and neutrals. If you need 1 or a few for a cake, please call our shop or email us and one of our friendly staff can assist. 

It's always a good idea to book ahead, however should you need some last minutes macs, we will definitely try our hardest to help. 

Our Macarons are $2.80 each for standard colours. Hand painted metallics are $3.80 each. 

Please see our list below for a general guide of available colours.

This product is only available for pick up from our Bangor store, delivery can be arranged. To order please call (02 8519 6771) or email 


- White

- Cream

- Light Blue

- Dark Blue

- Medium Pastel Blue

- Blush (very soft pink/cream)

- Light Pink 

- Medium Pastel Pink 

-Dark Pink 

- Orange

- Peach 

- Mint

- Grass Green

- Dark Green

- Yellow

- Light Red 

- Aqua

- Light Purple 

- Medium Pastel Purple

- Chocolate Brown 

- Light Brown 

- Caramel 

- Light Grey 



- Silver 

- Rose Gold 

- Gold 

- Bronze

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